Economic Empowerment for Victims of Abuse in the S.W Region

After reading the heartbreaking story of a young woman who suffered abuse due to her inability to support herself and her children(Link to story). JLU rallied donors to assist with the project of opening a salon for her. In Dec 2020, a completed hair and beauty spa was handed over to the lucky who remain grateful to the generous donors who supported the initiative.


The One-Girl, One-Pad Program

JLU's pad program is intended to curb the high rates of menstrual-related absenteeism, increase school attendance, and increase young girls' self-confidence (see blog post for more information).

This program has three overarching goals:

  1. Encourage period-related conversation in the community(parents, teachers, men, etc.)

  2. Support the girls and women who are unable to afford period-related necessities

  3. Celebrate womanhood.

Read about our May/June distribution.


Supporting Back to School Programs for Victims of Abuse 

Undoubtedly, sending children back to school leaves most parents anxious and uneasy due to inflation, low income, and poverty. It is most challenging for internally displaced children who lost their parents to the ongoing war in Cameroon. The uncertainty about the future and the inability to return to school without assistance leads to delinquent behaviors and susceptibility to abuse.

JLU Global believes that participating in school programs means read more

Back to school Donation.jfif

Operation Education 

To continue emphasizing the impacts of abuse on individuals and the community, JLU devotes its time towards educating young girls and women in the community.