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Capacity building is an important part of helping survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking become self-sufficient and financially independent. Programs can include financial literacy training, access to microcredit financing, and support to start small businesses. Financial independence can help survivors break the cycle of violence and build a secure future for themselves and their families.
Additionally, providing access to microcredit financing can help survivors establish credit and gain access to larger loans. Small business support can help survivors generate income and build their confidence. All of these potential resources can help survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking build a better future for themselves.
At JLU, we believe that financially independent women can contribute to raising children to build a solid family foundation, serving the community, and building the nation.
Recipients are are encouraged to start up small businesses such as hair salons, roadside food stands, and other sustainable businesses. JLU goes by the old adage that goes, "teach them to fish...."

Capacity-building & Financial Empowerment Programs for Victims and Survivors

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