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Say NO To Domestic Violence: Man Charged In Stabbing Death Of Montreal Woman Was Father Of Her Child

According to CTV News Montreal, a Quebec organization for domestic violence victims has classified the death of Gisele Itale Betondi as the province’s eighth femicide of the year.

On Thursday morning, at an outdoor parking lot in Montreal’s Lasalle borough, Betondi, 29, was buckling her children into their car seats when she was stabbed. She was confirmed dead in hospital later that day.

Hosea Amorus Puhya, 50, was charged with the first-degree murder of Betondi. He was Betondi’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her children, a source confirmed to CTV News.

The organization SOS Violence Conjugale referred to Betondi’s killing as femicide on social media, as did Montreal mayor Valerie Plante.

“Violence against women has no place in our societies,” she wrote. “I am shocked by another femicide and my heart sinks thinking of the three young children who lost their mothers.

Betondi’s three children are all below age three. They are currently under the care of youth protection services.


Court records show Puhya was acquitted of uttering threats against Betondi on June 21.

He was also charged with robbery and assault with a weapon causing bodily harm in February of 2022.

According to gender-based violence expert Marie-Emanuelle Genesse, Genesse, the red flags were there.

She said the case is typical of past femicide.

“All the signs are there before. There’s this relationship of abuse, there’s this coercive control, and this is where it’s heading,” she said. “If we have all the signs, why aren’t we doing something to prevent it?” Why aren't people speaking up? why aren't we coming together to support others who are too afraid to speak?

While statistics show a spike in domestic violence cases, everyone is encouraged to seek help and prevent the possibility of death.

JLU Team.

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