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JLU Supports CEYOFE's Back to School Program for Internally Displaced & Abused Victims.

Undoubtedly, sending children back to school leaves most parents anxious and uneasy due to inflation, low income, and poverty. It is most challenging for internally displaced children who lost their parents to the ongoing war in Cameroon. The uncertainty about the future and the inability to return to school without assistance leads to delinquent behaviors and susceptibility to abuse..

JLU Global believes that participating in school programs means:

  • Increased adult supervision, making youths feel safe, and reducing being left unsupervised with peers.

  • It also means that younger children are supervised by older siblings less often.

  • Adult supervision based on developmental relationships

  • It promotes positive youth development as it promotes personal safety and decreases risky behaviors such as smoking or drug abuse, and creates an environment where children have the opportunity to develop skills that may change their future for the better.

To fulfill its promise of supporting children displaced by the ongoing war and live up to its promise of the social intervention programs, JLU in partnership with some Alumni students of Saker Baptist College – Class of 93/95. The donations will support CEYOFF’s back-to-school program. JLU hopes to continue supporting the back-to-school program through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations.

To support JLU's Social Intervention Programs click to donate here

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