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JLU Joins the World to Celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Today, millions of women and girls* around the world are stigmatised, excluded and discriminated against simply because they menstruate.

While Menstrual Hygiene Day is on 28 May, our team and our partners work all year round to:

  • Break the taboos and end the stigma surrounding menstruation

  • Raise awareness about the challenges regarding access to menstrual products, education about menstruation and period-friendly sanitation facilities

  • Distribute sanitary products to underserved populations.

Why Menstrual Hygiene Education is Important:

  1. Educating girls about menstruation helps increase self-esteem, raise grades and raise wages.

  2. Learning about menstruation empowers girls to take care of themselves in brand new ways.

  3. It gives them the freedom to make their own decisions and gives girls and women confidence to live their lives normally.

  4. Proper menstrual hygiene keeps girls in school. At least one in five girls drop out when periods begin. Those who persist typically miss five days of school each month due to inadequate menstrual protection

  5. Improving menstrual hygiene and providing access to affordable menstrual materials can help improve girls’ and women’s access to education, opening more options for jobs, promotions, and entrepreneurship, thus unleashing female contributions to the overall economy.

See some pictures below:

Every year, we rely on donors and sponsors like you sustain our signature "one Girl, One Pad, Program. We ask for your help in supporting our campaign to provide sanitary products all year round to those in need.


The JLU Team.

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