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Husband arrested after fatally shooting wife outside Orlando bank, police say #Letsfightagainstit.

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police say the husband of a woman shot and killed outside of a Navy Federal Credit Union on Tuesday has been charged with first-degree murder in her death.

It happened on Gardens Park Boulevard near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando.

Authorities say the victim was an employee at the credit union. She's been identified as Barbara Tommey, 27. 

Investigators say she was shot and killed near the front door of the bank by her husband, Sylvester Ofori, 35. In an update on Wednesday morning, police said the two had been going through a divorce and she was no longer living with him.

After officials spent hours looking for Ofori following the shooting, a search warrant was served at his apartment and he was taken into custody. 

Police have not released a motive in the killing.

Whatever the motive, it is never Ok to lay hands let alone take another person’s life because they choose to move on with their life. . On the flip side, it is never OK to protect an abuser.

« I told Barbara on Monday evening to report Sylvester to the Police for a “COURT RESTRAINING ORDER”against him after he choked her on Sunday, if not the intervention from her brother, she was gonna die on that day.......also with so many death threats from him.

She said “Papa He doesn’t have his citizenship yet; hence I do not want to hurt him; they may revoke it”.....and bla bla bla.

Now, He kills her in less than 12hrs afterwards. Such is life! Sometimes, the people you are sympathizing with; caring for & being so generous toward may be the very ones to kill you if care is not taken.

IF YOU ARE IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP; get out of it before the beast kills you. Pls go to the Police now! Don’t waste anymore time. You may never know what He/She is planning. Don’t cut short your life in the name relationship. LEAVE! LEAVE!

God’s Will is not for you to DIE before your time. Be wise & walk out! #JusticeForBarbara #RIP


what you read above is an except from the deceased’s father. We pray for all victims to seek help, report abuse and find a good exit plan.

#letsendit #abuseiswrong #bethevoiceofthevoiceless.

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