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Just Like You Global Foundation in 360 Days

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

As the world deals with the pandemic, victims of abuse continue to deal with a double pandemic. About one-third of African women report having experienced domestic violence (physical, verbal, financial or sexual) during the pandemic. According to the latest statistics, 51% of African women say that being beaten by their husbands is justified if they go out without permission, argue back, refuse to have sex, burn the food, or sometimes for no just cause. The numbers from this study reflect attitudes in a society that needs intervention from an economic, educational, and cultural perspective. While the issue of domestic violence is not an easy fix, well-meaning people and organizations work together to execute projects that empower, educate and reinstate the livelihood of the people who continue to experience or have experienced abuse. To combat the issue of abuse, the JLU team executed multiple programs to create awareness, support victims, and introduce social preventive methods in the United States and Cameroon. These activities included but were not limited to:

  • Educate and empower the Buea community against the impact of abuse on individuals

  • Launch multiple awareness programs across the globe through walkathons and other initiatives

  • The One-Girl, One Pad program enabled the distribution of pads and menstrual beads to over 1000 internally displaced young girls in the S.W Region throughout the year

  • Financial contributions to support victims, back to school programs, and sustain impoverished families

  • Visits to orphanages and more

What does the future hold? Without a doubt, the main distinguishing factor in the acceptance of domestic violence is education, much more so than income or even age. Highly-educated women are 31% less likely to tolerate domestic violence than women with no education, and women with secondary education are 16% less likely to be tolerant. In 2022 the JLU organization will continue its pad distribution, community awareness education, and empowerment programs. Your continuing support and generosity will see a smooth execution of all programs listed above and more.

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