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An incredible year for JLU(Part Three) Great Soppo Integrated Health Care Center.

The underlying theme of “ The importance of self-awareness and financial independence” was the main driver for the organization’s community outreach.

Financially independent women can contribute to raising children, building a solid family foundation, serving the community, and building the nation.

Responding to the health and economic needs of the health care center, JLU introduced its primary goal of encouraging self-awareness and financial independence and offered Special Christmas packs to 50+ women and girls drawn from the Molyko community.

Beneficiaries included but were not limited to women who attended antenatal and babies born at the Solidarity Clinic.

These Special Christmas packages contained diapers, powders, rolls, baby dresses, snacks, and other drinkable beverages, received with gratitude.

It is worth noting that this donation aims to build resilience and self-confidence and impact knowledge of economic empowerment/growth as measures to combat GBV in the community.


thanks to nurse Rita Nanyongo for taking us to this area where education and assistance are mostly needed.

If you would like to donate to support this initiative, click here.

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