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19-year-old accuses her father of rape and pregnancy(Pidgin version by Betatinz).

The geh e name na Sandrine... e dey 19years...e be student... e papa e name na Gerald... e dey 58years, e dey into farming... Sandrine e mami loss e life time way Sandrine be dey 2years... e papa marret diffrent woman, dey born 2 boy pikin dem... Dey don di stay dem peacefully, no wahala... Sandrine be be na virgin, till April last year. E boyfriend be get for fall-bush, so e teh the boy make e disvirgin e before e go... na the fes and last time dat way e bob. e and the boy dey di kontinu dier relationship tru whatsapp. About 4/5 months ago, on some particular nite, Sandrine kam bak for house way e don drunk... e be comot wit e friendem, e drink 2 bottle beer, and whisky... Dat nite, na olé e papa be dey house... e step-mami be don go some wake-keeping... So, as e enta house, drunk, e papa tell e say make e no worry... say na normal tin for time... e gi e mimbo again, make e drink... say make e takeam relax... Sandrine drinkam... Den e papa tell e say make e go wash, sleep. Say e go dey ok when e wukop... Na so Sandrine go wash... wit dat mimbo for e eye, e no wear klos, e joh enta e room empty-lass, fall ontop bed... e no even off light...

As e be di sleep, e feel as some persin di bob e... e feelam like say na for dream... e no resist... e be dey for some weak/drunken/sleepy state... Afta the repé finish the act, e wukop, off light for the room, lock door, comot go... as e be di go, Sandrine wukop... Sandrine see e as e be di off light, and lock door... Na for dey e wiseam say no be dream... the tin hot e, e cry... but e no teh e step-mother or e step-brodas dem... e keepam like secret. 4months afta, e start sick... e step-moda start suspect belleh... dey carry e go hospitul, doctor say na 4months belleh... As dey start ask e question, na for dey e tok say na e papa... den e narrate the story... the step-moda take the matter go police, Sandrine write e statement...dat was on Monday! E papa be go for Mungo for go supervise e farm. E be geh for kam bak on Tuesday. As e hear say matters arising, e nova kam bak for house. Police dey dey ontop the matter!

Story is courtesy of Betatinz

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